LAM Lowcost Acceleration Module

Pyrotech LAM Lowcost Acceleration Module


The LAM is designed specifically for the suppression of fire and deflagration encountered in the Explosive, Munitions and Pyrotechnic industries. With the use of the LAM, Pyrotech ultra high speed deluge systems can obtain response time of well under 50 milliseconds. The LAM is a slave unit designed to work with a lead RAM. The LAM can control up to four solenoid valves. The LAM is an electronic interface module that accepts an alarm signal from the RAM and sends an instantaneous high voltage pulse to the deluge system to achieve the fastest possible response times. 

LAM Design Advantages

  •  Can control up to four rapid response solenoid valves. 
  •  Supervises up to four solenoid circuits for short, open and ground 
  •  Requires only one rack space 
  •  Direct interface with RAM modules through a daisy chain interface 
  •  Redundant firing , supervision and high voltage circuits 
  •  Plug in rack mount design 
  •  LAM modules have been in service for more than 15 years through the world. 
  •  Reduces panel space by four times 
  •  Designed specifically for explosion suppression 
  •  Reduces panel size, cost and power requirements. 
  •  Aluminum anodized case 
  •  Placement supervised 
  •  Made in the USA 

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