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Pyrotech Mission Statement

Pyrotech opened for business on Independence Day 1989


A small business incorporated in the State of Ohio and later in Florida, the Pyrotech mission was, and still is, to fill the small unique niche of providing specialized fire suppression systems to the US Department of Defense and related corporate entities, both domestic and international. Pyrotech Rapid Response Deluge systems are in place at more than 100 facilities that produce munitions, explosives, pyrotechnics and other high hazard products throughout the United States and other countries around the world.

Beginning in the late 70’s, previous to the founding of Pyrotech, our key personnel worked in the fire protection industry developing faster and more reliable rapid response systems. At that time, relatively slow systems (500 milliseconds) that required refilling and rearming were the norm. Extensive labor and material cost, that included the replacement of the explosive actuators made these older systems expensive to maintain. During that time, the EPA was voicing concern that these older systems were flowing explosive laden water (pink water) into the surrounding grounds contaminating the area. Pyrotech’s founders saw these and other problems as opportunities and set out to develop and provide systems that were faster, more effective and user friendly. Pyrotech systems now average 50 milliseconds or less in response time, with specialized systems responding in less than 15 milliseconds. An automatic reset feature is standard in Pyrotech systems eliminating the environmental problem and reset costs associated with older systems.

Pyrotech has been the innovator in developing Portable Rapid Response Deluge Systems to address the special requirements of ammunition depots, ammunition surveillance and special applications in explosive process facilities. Applications range from cleanup of pyrotechnic spills to accompanying “Hawk” and “Patriot” missile maintenance crews in remote locations. Presently more than 100 Pyrotech Portable Rapid Response Deluge units are in service in locations around the world.

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