Pyrotech Primac Conversions

Advantages of Pyrotech Pilot Operated Deluge

Pyrotech Primac Conversion

Primac* Systems were widely used throughout the munitions industry in the 1960's and 1970s. Primac* components are becoming expensive, scarce or obsolete. An upgrade to Pyrotech Rapid Response Deluge Systems through RAM, LAM and CPF-74 components is an efficient and cost effective method of suppression.

An upgrade to Pyrotech Pilot Operated Deluge may include using some of the existing piping, wiring and system components.

In many cases, upgraded systems will use the same types of Pyrotech components already in use and on-site in other buildings, simplifying use, maintenance and parts.

Contact Pyrotech to discuss options that may be available.

There are no recurring cost or replacement parts needed for reset after firing.

After firing of the squib operated systems, disc or caps and squibs must be replaced.                                                                             

Complete electrical supervision.

Solenoids are supervised for short, opens and grounds. On a squib operated system, the igniter wire can be supervised but condition of explosive is not known. 

System can be reset and back on line in less than 30 seconds.

With electrical reset, the system can be reset (closing solenoid valves) with a key-switch, pushbutton or automatically by the RAM modules. There are no parts to replace. 

Automatic reset feature is available.

 An optional, automatic reset feature allows automatic reset after a preset time as long as no fire is present. The system is then ready to fire again automatically.           

Response time is not affected by air in supply pipe.

 Due to low pressure prime and the remote location of the valve, air in the piping of a squib operated valve can cause slow and fluctuating response times. 

Pyrotech Primac Conversion

System does not require explosives for operation.

Pyrotech deluge valves do not present the problem of bringing explosives (squibs) into the hazardous area.                               

Infinite life of shelf components.

Squibs have a shelf life and should be periodically replaced.                                                                                                                              

Mechanical manual operation is available.

Mechanical manual release is possible even in the event of total power failure (including loss of primary power and battery back-up).    

Use with all types of detection.

Pyrotech Pilot Operated Valves (CPF-74) can be interfaced with all types detection.                                                                                

LAM modules can be used for multiple solenoid configurations in a zone to reduce cost.

The LAM (Lowcost Accelerator Module) supervises and controls up to 4 solenoids. The LAM is a slave module to the RAM.                                                                                  

Chart of Pyrotech Pilot Operated Advantages