RAM Response Acceleration Module and universal detector controller

Pyrotech RAM Response Acceleration Module


The RAM is an electronic interface module that is both a detector controller and a solenoid accelerator module in one unit.

 It accepts the signal from any available detector system and sends an instantaneous high voltage pulse to the deluge system to achieve the fastest possible response times.  

The RAM module is compatible with all detector brands, models and types (UV, IR, UV/IR), pressure and manual pulls)  This allows the use of various devices from various manufacturers. You are not tied to one detector manufacturer.

The RAM is designed specifically for the suppression of fire and deflagration encountered in the explosive, munitions and pyrotechnic industries. With use of the RAM, Pyrotech Ultra High Speed Deluge Systems (Rapid Response Deluge) can obtain response times of well under 50 milliseconds. 

Along with the Pyrotech CPF-74, the RAM has become the industry standard due to longevity, reliability, performance and support. The RAM easily interfaces with any available alarm or notification panels.

RAM Design Advantages

  • Designed specifically for explosion suppression
  • RAM modules have been in service for more than 30 years throughout the world.
  • Serves as a universal detector controller and a solenoid acceleration module.
  • Monitors and receives signals from any unitized detectors and manual pull stations.
  • Supervised input circuits (detectors, solenoids & manual pull stations) are monitored for short, open and ground.
  • Direct interface with LAM modules (if required) through a daisy chain interface
  • The RAM is plug in compatible with other existing modules presently in service.
  • Integral automatic reset that is field programmable
  • Compatible with all types of high speed detection systems.
  • Aluminum powder-coated case
  • Supervises solenoid circuitry for short, open and ground
  • Keyed bypass/reset switch and remote bypass/reset capability.
  • Plug in rack mount design
  • Integral time test jack
  • 2 sets of form C contacts for both fire and fault
  • Made in the USA

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