High Speed Deluge Digital System Response Timers

Pyrotech High Speed Deluge System Response Timers


Pyrotech digital response timers measure High Speed Deluge System (Rapid Response Deluge System) response time in milliseconds. Timers are battery operated, easy to use and can be custom built to suit a variety of applications. Contact Pyrotech for more information or to discuss a custom model built for you. 

Digital System Response Timer Features

  •  Digital Response Timers are effective and practical for measuring the system response time of new systems,  verifying system modifications or scheduled testing of Rapid Response Deluge Systems. 
  •  The standard timer measures deluge response time with redundant timers. 
  •  Timer jacks are designed to make improper connections impossible. 
  •  Timers can be built to measure response time of detection, deluge or a combination. 
  •  Custom units can be made to work with various types of detection. 
  •  Pyrotech Digital Response Timers can be used with Pyrotech systems and other types of high speed deluge  that may be obsolete or outdated 
  •  Includes flow transducer and all necessary cables 
  •  Custom hard shell case included. 
  •  Includes manual and Pyrotech support 
  •  Designed and fabricated in the USA 

Download Pyrotech Timer PDF