Pyrotech Full Cone Spray Nozzles



Pyrotech nozzles are designed for full cone, high volume as required for Ultra High Speed Deluge.  They are machined to accept Camlock hose fittings for expedited field testing, clean-up and facility protection.  Complete flow specifications, patterns, sizes and K-Factors are available on request.

Pyrotech Full Cone Spray Nozzle Advantages

  •  90 degree pattern, solid cone, high velocity, directional spray 
  •  Machined to close tolerance for a precision fit 
  •  Machined to accept camlock hose fittings 
  •  Available in various configurations and spray patterns to meet flow requirements 
  •  Available in stainless steel for special applications 
  •  Computer designed and fabricated 
  •  Made in the U.S.A. 

Download Pyrotech MA Nozzle PDF