DDAM Dual Detonator Acceleration Module



The DDAM is designed specifically for the suppression of fire and deflagration encountered in the explosive, munitions and pyrotechnic industries. With use of the DDAM, Pyrotech Ultra High Speed Deluge Systems can obtain response times of well under 50 milliseconds. The DDAM is an electronic interface module that accepts the signal from any available fast response detector system or RAM and sends an instantaneous high voltage pulse to the deluge system to achieve the fastest possible response times.

The DDAM is a 2 channel module capable of actuating and supervising solenoids, squibs and/or explosive type actuators. It can be programmed as a single or dual zone module with a solenoid and/or squib on each channel. The DDAM channels can respond independently or simultaneously to signals from one or two inputs.

DDAM Design Advantages

  • A two zone module that can be used with solenoids and/or explosive type actuators 
  •  Compatible with all types of high speed detection systems. 
  •  Supervises external alarm inputs for short, open and ground. This feature is useful for monitoring signals from unitized         style detectors 
  •  Supervises solenoid and/or explosive actuator circuitry for short, open and ground 
  •  Plug in rack mount design 
  •  2 sets of form C contacts per zone for both fire and fault 
  •  Zones can be bypassed individually or together 
  •  Integral automatic reset that is field programmable. Zones can be reset independently or together. 
  •  Designed specifically for explosion suppression 
  •  Keyed bypass/reset switch 
  •  Aluminum anodized case 
  •  Integral time test jack 
  •  Made in the USA 

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