Pyrotech CPF-P Poppet kit



The CPF-P Poppet kit is a rebuild kit for the Pyrotech CPF-74 series High Speed Deluge Valve. 

The CPF-P kit contains 1) Poppet and 1) “O”-Ring and is recommended for spare parts inventory.

The CPF-P Poppet kits are also available for other types of deluge valves. 

Pyrotech CPF-P features useful for design or specification writing

  • Poppet has a stainless steel sleeve. 
  • Machined to close tolerance for a precision fit. 
  • Kept in stock for quick delivery. 
  • Computer designed and fabricated. 
  • Does NOT use screws or washers that could fall into a mix and cause contamination or explosive reaction. 
  • Also available for other deluge valves. Contact Pyrotech for more information. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Download CPF-P Poppet-kit PDF