CPF-74B Ultra High Speed Deluge Valve



The CPF-74 Series Deluge Valve is designed specifically for the suppression of fire and deflagration encountered in the Explosive, Munitions and Pyrotechnic process industries. Pyrotech Ultra High Speed Deluge Systems (Rapid Response Deluge) can obtain response times of well under 50 milliseconds. 

CPF-74 Design Features

High speed poppet operation. No diaphragms or explosive squibs.

Integral air bleed valve for both supply and pilot feed lines. 

Integral mounting shoe for flexible and portable applications. 

Available in metric pipe sizes. 

Serial numbers for quality assurance and tracking 

Standard inlet size of 1"NPT 

Standard outlet size of 1 1/4" NPT 

Pilot inlet 1/4" NPT 

Available in stainless steel for special applications 

Pyrotech ultra high speed deluge valves are computer designed and fabricated in the USA.

Download CPF-74B PDF