Pyrotech Portable High Speed Deluge System
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Portable High Speed Deluge System LMF-7489

Portable High Speed Deluge Pyrotech LMF-7489

Portable High Speed Deluge Pyrotech LMF-7489 Appllication

The LFM-7489 Portable High Speed Deluge System (Rapid Response Deluge System) is a completely self-contained water deluge system. It is ideal for use during short production runs, temporary storage of hazardous materials, at remote locations where power is not available or when protection is required during a chemical or hazardous clean-up.

LMF-7489 Features

System response time less than 100 milliseconds

Uses RAM modules for Solenoid operation with one button or automatic reset.

2 High Speed UV/IR detectors with 20 foot cables and swivel clamps

Nozzle flow rate of 25 GPM per nozzle

4 CPF-74B pilot operated valves with 20 foot hoses and swivel clamps

Swivel castors and forklift guides provided for transport.

Single or dual zone operation

Dimensions: length-65", width-36", height-54"

Electrically supervised control circuits for detection, solenoids and monitoring devices

Weight (full water tank): approximately 1,300 lbs

Visual and audible fault indications for low water pressure, low water level, RAM/detector fault, low battery condition

Uses on-board 24VDC power supply or can be plugged into 110-220 VAC

"System Ready" and AC Power indication Meets requirements of Class I, Div II, Groups C and D, plus Class II, Div II, groups E, F, and G.

Self contained, 120 gallon water tank pressurized by an on board nitrogen supply

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